4 Secrets That Make Panama Geisha Coffee the Most Popular Coffee Worldwide

Panama Geisha Coffee (Finca Santa Teresa) becomes one of the most popular coffee after achieving the highest score at the 25th edition of the international coffee tasting competition. This product is even more famous after hitting over $1.000 per pound in an auction event. So, how can Panama Geisha Coffee beans reach these achievements?

The Unique Characteristics

Panama Geisha coffee is different from other varieties. It has unique characteristics, along with floral aromatics. Imagine that you can smell natural rose and jasmine from this coffee. On the other hand, the taste is also uncommon in which you taste fruity and tropical flavors in your mouth. This uniqueness brings coffee lovers a new sensation while drinking a cup of coffee.

The Habitat

Panama Geisha Coffee (Finca Santa Teresa) is grown in the Panamanian highlands of Chiriqui. This location is different from other coffee plantations because of the quality of the soil. This plantation gets benefits from the volcanic soils that are rich in potassium and calcium. Potassium is a crucial substance in soil that affects the plant’s shape, size, color, and even taste. Calcium or Ca helps plants to grow maximum because they have great cell walls and cell membranes. So, the healthier the soil, the healthier the plants. This coffee species also grows close to the Pacific and Atlantic that give supportive weather systems.

Fruity Flavor

Have you ever tasted fruit taste in coffee? You will taste it when you drink Geisha Coffee. Due to the treatments and habitat, this coffee produces fruity flavors, such as honeysuckle, lychee, and strawberries. It is a perfect product for those who want to find a new flavor while drinking coffee. The aftertaste and aroma can be one of the reasons why people love to consume this coffee. It is suitable for people who drink coffee for the first time or coffee lovers who love to try a variety of coffees.

Special Treatment

The suitable atmosphere is not only the reason why Panama Geisha Coffee has a great aroma and taste but also the treatment. Farmers harvest the Panama Geisha Coffee green beans between November and February from 20 different lots on the farm. Then, they process the beans by applying three main processing methods, washed, natural, and honey.

Panama Geisha CoffeeIn the washed method, farmers soak the beans in the water for one to two days. This process triggers more fruity, acidic, and bright results. In a natural method, farmers let coffee beans dry with the help of sunlight for several weeks. Farmers will remove the beans from the outer fruit and keep the mucilage. The mucilage produces natural sugar that makes the coffee has a sweet flavor.

The explanation above shows why Panama Geisha Coffee becomes one of the best coffees in the world today. Based on the official Instagram account of the Singapore Speciality Coffee Auction, Finca Santa Teresa coffee is in the first position. Panama Geisha coffee price hits the highest bid up to $77 per kilogram. This product defeats over 169 coffee varieties, including Pink Bourbon, Robusta Canephora, and Cascara. It makes you more curious about Panama Geisha Coffee (Finca Santa Teresa), are you?

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