7 Best Electric Coffee Grinder For Starter

This is the 7 Best Electric Coffee Grinder for starter, if you are questioning why electric coffee grinder are so expensive, like Mahlkonig EK43 then stay with this list.

1. Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

No adjustment is necessary, it all depends on how long you run it. Use a medium to fine grind and I count to 10 when I run it. I’ve used several burr grinders that are far more expensive and they tend to clog and some of the grind is fine and some course in the same batch. Simple to use, but really not good for advanced user that need to adjust the grind level.

Ideally you want to grind whole beans each time you brew for the freshest taste. If that is not convenient, you can grind what you need and properly store for later use. An airtight container is best because it helps block light, air, and odors that can break down the properties of both stored beans and grounds, thus affecting taste. The price is only $14.49, which is really cheap for a electric coffee grinder.
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2. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder 

Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinders are ideal for precision coffee grinding, giving you the exact texture you want every time. Well-defined fineness settings guarantee perfect results and clear cup markings ensure meticulous measuring.

A Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder is easy to use and clean. They offer hands-free operation with auto shutoff as well as hide-away cords for easy storage. Some coffee bean grinders even include a stainless steel grinding chamber that comes out for easy cleanup in the dishwasher.

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3. Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder

Use the Quiseen Coffee Grinder for all your grinding needs. Perfect for coffee, espresso, nuts and spices. With a strong durable motor, stainless steel blades, a grippable surface and compact modern design, this grinder is the perfect accessory for the coffee aficionado.
If you want to grind for french press, It really depends on the quantity you are grinding. Start with a very coarse grind by grinding for a minimal time while monitoring through the transparent lid. The particles should appear somewhere between coarse salt and steel-cut oats. Take note of your grind size so you can make adjustments later: grind a little finer next time if your brew was weak, a bit coarser if you’re tasting a lot of unpleasant, and over-extracted flavors. Everyone has their personal taste preference, you need to experiment until you find the perfect coarseness for you. The price for this grinder is only cost $16.95
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4. Veken Coffee Grinder Electric

The motor of the grinder is quite powerful when revving. The grinder can do the job well, taking just a few seconds to chop up from coffee beans to grounds. Also it works amazingly well to grind up other fairly hard materials with ease.
Compact design takes minimum space and can be stored easily. It can fit nicely for your counter, cupboard and drawer. Despite its small size, 50g grinding capacity yields up to 12 cups of coffee which is enough for your family and friends to share.
The fully-embedded cover protect the coffee ground from spilling out and the top is clear so you can see what is going on in the grinder. The power cord can be detached when not in use. Low noise motor will not disturb your family while you prepare their morning cup. The price is only $19.95, which is really cheap for a electric coffee grinder.
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5. Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

200 Watt motor and 2 sharp 304 stainless steel blade offers durability and powerful performance, grinds 75g coffee beans at the same time for 12 cups coffee within 30s, make freshly brewed coffee for the whole family.
Just put your coffee beans spices into it, then gently lock the steel cup and press down the lid, the coffee grinder begins to work. Detachable container and transparent lid are safe to cleaning by water. Bonus free cleaning brush included for hand wash option.
The grinder are scratch-resistant, corrosion resistant, insulation resistant which can last a long time. The auto-shutoff and overheat protection can keep you safe. Design with safety lock, cord stored in base, its sleek and easily stored without taking up much space. The price for this grinder is $21.99
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6. Cusinaid Electric Coffee Grinder

One Touch Safe Operation: Lid-activated safety switch, just simply press the lid to begin grinding and release to stop. Clear lid design also allows you to observe grind ingredients easily for precision control
Versatile Usage Electric Coffee Grinder: The coffee bean grinder is ideal for coffee beans, nuts, herbs, grains and spices. And the grind effect is even after thousands of experiments
Quite and Large Capacity: Coffee grinder using upgrade noiseless motor which works powerful and durable. It quickly grinds coffee beans up to 1.8 oz (50g) at a time for 12 cups of coffee
Stainless Steel Blade: Food grade sharp stainless steel blade for fast and uniform grinding. Works great to control your coffee bean from coarse to fine in seconds. Simply grinds coffee beans for french press, espresso, Turkish or drip coffee. The price is $25.99
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7. Aicok Electric Coffee Grinder

Quick & Powerful blade coffee grinder: 200Watts powerful motor with double stainless steel blades, be able to grind coffee bean to a fine enough power. The grinder makes your mornings effortless.
Removable steel bowl: The removable grinding cup is so nice for transferring ground coffee to container and the steel cup can be easily detachable from motor, suitable for dish washing machine, easy to clean.
One touch multi grinder: Press to work and release to stop. The texture control rests with your finger on the switch. Grind coffee beans, spices, nuts, seeds herbs, linseed, pumpkin seeds and more.
Large capacity coffee bean grinder: Yields up to 12 cups of coffee. It grinds coffee beans up to 60g at a time for 12 cups coffee. 8 seconds for french press coffee, 10 seconds for Mocha or up to 20 seconds for finely powdered espresso.
Smart design: Stainless Steel cube motor base looks smart on the countertop, with build-in smart overheat protection which is durable for long time use. And transparent lid for easy observation grind ingredients exactly how you want. 2 years quality guarantee.
The price is only $25.79.
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So That is our Best 7 electric coffee grinders, if you are coffee lover, and want to get serious result for the coffee, probably you will need to check our Affordable Coffeeshop Grinders.

7 Best Electric Coffee Grinder for starter

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