Catuai Coffee Variety

The Catuai is not something new in the coffee world. This was first introduced in Brazil in 1972. This is a genetic cross from the Mundo Novo and yellow Caturra. These two plants can be planted next to each other as they are small plants. However this Catuai is not really popular in Central American countries.

This plant is actually a decent one that can only take 3 years for its first harvest. Another good thing is that this plant responds to liming and fertilisation very well and this eases the management during the production. Some plants can be harvested earlier and some others later. In this case, it allows the labor and machinery to be maintained over a long period. This is a really good model for the coffee business. 

Talking about the processing method, most people prefer Brazilian natural and traditional methods. This processing method creates a unique profile of the coffee and adds body to the cup. This is really positive for the mechanised coffee farming and dealing with rust is simply doable. Rust is one of the weaknesses of this Catuaí but this is something that farmers can handle by using pesticides. The variety of Catuai itself needs to be studied more for a better future of this kind.

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