Coffee Processing : Exploring Naturals Pulped and Naturals Honeys

There are so many kinds of coffee and the taste is unique. There are coffees that are fruitier, heavier-bodied, and also sweeter. So, there are so many factors that make these coffees taste differently. One of the keys to make good coffee and not a good one is the fermentation process. First of all, you need to know that coffee is a fruit and it is full of nutrients, sugar, and also other compounds. 

The fermentation process is going on naturally. Even though this is the key, the result is not always positive. Excessive fermentation will deliver bad results for the coffee. The characteristic of the flavor is also a key here. If the characteristic is good such as fruity or even winey flavor can be developed into something more. So, this is important to control the fermentation, otherwise there will be undesirable flavors that can pop up in the cup. It can be something vinegary or even worse, a rotten kind of taste. When it comes to natural coffee, the fruits will be placed together with the coffee beans. 

While the honey pulped natural, they will use a depulper machine. The depulper will remove the outer skin and some mucilage out of the cherries. Then the result can be called as white, gold, red, yellow, black honey. 

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