Micro Lot in Coffee Industry Specialty

The term Micro Lot in the coffee world is quite popular nowadays. As we know that nowadays people are really into sustainability in everything they do. This also happens in the coffee industry. It is important to ensure that the coffees are sustainably produced. People nowadays are eager about the process behind the drink that they drink and also the foods that they consumed. 

More and more people even started to ask about how and where the coffee is produced such as the climate, altitude and the processing method. This is hard to trace in a big industry. That is why the large scale needs to be put into smaller scale to ease the producers to sort and process the coffee. Thus, the quality measurement is easier to apply and this is very important. Sure this is a complex thing, but this will be good to trace the root of the coffee. By doing this, there will be the possibility to measure a decent coffee and a less decent one. In this case you can adjust the price in a better way.

By using the new technology, it will be possible to trace the coffee and the transparency can be accessed very easily to every lot of coffee. While other terms are still on the way, this micro lot is still being run even if it is still lacking clarity.

The benefits that producers enjoy from using the micro lot label can be passed to green coffee buyers. Traceable, distinct, and quality coffee usually fetches premium prices fromroasters and the customers. However, a lack of clarity on what exactly a micro lot is could keep all members of the supply chain from benefiting from its use.

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