The Reason why Typica Coffee Variety is Expensive

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It seems incomplete if coffee lovers only know about arabica and robusta. They also have to learn more about the Typica coffee variety. Learn about the history, characteristics, and other things about the Typica coffee beans below before tasting it.

About Typica Coffee Variety

Typica is the root of arabica coffee. The origin of this coffee is in Southwestern Ethiopia. Then, it was taken to Yemen between the 15th or 16th centuries. Since then, the seeds of this coffee have spread to other areas, including India, Indonesia, Amsterdam, and others.

Typica coffee is also the parent of other popular varieties, such as Mundo Novo and Pacamara. Nowadays, this coffee plant has several names, including Jamaica Blue Mountain, Criollo, Indio, Arabigo, Plume Hidalgo, and others.
People love this coffee because of its complex flavors. You are about to taste the sweet or fruity flavor. Too bad, Typica is highly susceptible to pests and diseases. It can be the reason why this coffee variety is less famous than other varieties.

The History of Typica Coffee Variety

The Typica Coffee variety has a long history since you can find it around the world. After being taken from its origin in southwestern Ethiopia to Yemen, the seeds were cultivated in India. In 1696 and 1699, the coffee plants were sent from the Malabar coast of India to Batavia or Java in Indonesia.

The journey of this plant continues to the botanical gardens in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and France in 1706. The Netherlands and France brought the plants to South America, Dutch Guiana or Suriname, and Cayenne or French Guiana.

The Typica coffee green bean was one of the popular coffee varieties in southern Brazil between 1760 and 1770. During the time and journey, this variety mutated into several types, such as the Maragogipe variety, Pacamara variety, and Mundo Novo variety. You will also see this variety in central and south America, Jamaica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Until today, people can find Typica coffee worldwide.

The Best Habitat for Typica Coffee Variety

You have to treat Typica coffee correctly to produce a high-quality coffee. The cost of premium Typica coffee is expensive. Yet, you have to deal with pests and diseases that affect the plants. This coffee plant loves to grow at a high altitude.

They will grow optimum and produce maximum cherries in above 1600 m area. You need a bigger space to plan this coffee plant due to the long branches and tall trees. Ensure that the soil is fertile. You can treat the soil first before planting the coffee

Typica Coffee VarietyThe more fertile the soil, the maximum the coffee beans you can harvest. The plants may only produce 20 to 30% less than the Bourbon variety. It makes the premium quality of Typica coffee costly.

Agronomical Information

Farmers can start to harvest the coffee cherries after four years. They have to consider the nutrients, climate, altitude, and other things to produce high-quality Typica coffee. You can use a 3000 to 4000 a/ha to plant this coffee variety by using a single stem pruning method.

Pests and diseases are a serious problem you have to consider otherwise they destroy the plant. Ensure that everything is ready when you want to grow Typica coffee variety to reduce the risks and increase the result.

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