The Recommended Methods to Brew Hawaiian Coffee

The key to achieving the ultimate taste of Hawaiian coffee is its brewing methods. The original coffee from Maui or Kona should be clean, sweet, and bright. A proper brewing method will ensure that taste. In terms of enjoying the original taste of this particular coffee, it is recommended to either brew it with the drip method or brewing it with the French Press method.

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Making a drip coffee using Hawaiian origin coffee is the best to highlight the taste of it. Manual drip or machine drip will work though. Yet it is said that the best taste is a drip coffee out of brewing through a paper filter. The balance of the acidity, sweetness, and the body of the coffee will be at its best by using that drip method.

On the other hand, the famous French Press brewing method is also recommended for this coffee. The low level of acidity of the coffee makes it a perfect ingredient for a delicious French Press coffee. The outcome of this method will be a rounded and smooth yet delicious coffee with full body and just enough level of sweetness. Hawaiian coffee in the medium-dark roast is said to be the best for French Press brew.

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