Trending Dalgona Coffee during Coronavirus Pandemic

Many of you must have heard about the famous Dalgona Coffee. This has become a hit globally on the internet. People from all over the world are in awe and many of them tried it at home too. What is Dalgona coffee anyway? Dalgona coffee has been around for a long time. This is more likely an Indian style cappuccino. The name Dalgona itself comes from the texture of a whipped foam topping and that drink resembles a South Korean coffee named Dalgona. 

From all of the recipes, it needs instant coffee, sugar, and a bit of water to create the foam. All you need to do is just to whisk it until you get the texture that you think it’s perfect. Then you can just pour the foam on top of a flavored milk and ice cubes in a glass. The key is the intensive whipping so that you will not create a bubble that can destroy the foam. For you who like to try, at the moment, it is only suitable for instant coffee as it has a concentrate that can keep the foam stays longer. 

Making Dalgona coffee by using brewed coffee is not recommended. You will not get the glossy texture and it will not stay long.

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